Breast Implant Profiles

Welcome to our brief online guide through various silicone and saline breast implant profiles / shapes.
There are five basic types of implant profiles:

Low Profile:
This one has lowest projection and widest base width from all types.
Moderate Profile:
Also called mid-profile. It has standard projection and wider base width.
Moderate Plus Profile:
It has higher projection and moderate base width when compared to moderate profile.
High Profile:
It has high projection and narrower base width when compared to previous types.
Ultra High Profile:
Highest projection and the smallest base width from all mentioned types.

So how to choose between them?
Profile is only one dimension of breast implant, another one is the size. For detailed description on different sizes, check following article. For different body sizes are appropriate different combinations of size and profile, when considering how much woman wants to enlarge her bust. For a woman with a very slim frame, a moderate or low profile breast implant that might result in a desired breast size, may be too wide and carry the implant too far to the underarm. By using a high profile implant of smaller sizes, we can achieve similar result but with more balanced look. Your plastic surgeon should help you choose right combination of profile and size.