Female Body Shapes

Guide to easily identify different female body types. On the internet are several body type calculators but none of them is 100% accurate. After reading this guide, you can easily decide what body type you are and what swimsuits by body shape are right for you.

Hourglass Body Shape

This is the figure that most women desire. Although there are some disagreements about characteristics of other body shapes, hourglass is easy to describe. Woman has big breasts, slim waist and wide hips. Although waist to hips ratio could have slightly different values, it is always low and bust should match the proportions of hips and buttocks. Popular women with this body include Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, and Katy Perry. You can wear almost any swimsuit with this body type and still look good. Although you can dare to wear bikini, you would be also suprised, how flattering can one piece swimwear look at you.

Pear Body Shape (Triangle)

This figure is characterized by wide hips and buttocks that are bigger than bust. Fat is tends to be stored in the lower part of the body. This body type is very feminine and widely popular across different times and countries, but is not preferred in current western civilization as much. Beautiful examples of Pear shape are Beyonce, Shakira, and Nina Dobrev. Swimsuit for this body shape should optically enhance upper half of the body, especially breasts. Try padded swimsuit bra and/or wearing lighter color on top, darker on bottom.

Inverted triangle or Athletic

Main feature of this type are wide shoulders with slim waist and narrow hips. Desired by many fitness freaks while others perceive it as too manly. Usually breasts are not very large, but exceptions exist. Look for example at Jessica Biel, classic inverted triangle while she still has natural C cups. Other celebs with this body type include Bo Derek and Pink. When choosing swimsuit by body shape, this women should to pick the type of straps that are not making shoulders to appear even wider. Attracting attention toward cleavage also works.

Apple Body Shape

All apple types store fat predominantly in belly area, while hips are smaller. Round figure and usually also round face are charateristic features. Breast size can vary from small to big one. Check following examples of “Apple”: Kate Upton, Lindsay Lohan, and Adele. One piece swimsuit with colors, that optically narrow the waist and with deep cleavage to work with your best assets, are good choice for this body type. But also look at Kate Upton and how successful bikini model she became with apple body shape.

Banana Body Shape (Rectangle)

Very slim figure, classic supermodel-like look. Praised by current fashion industry and targeted as too boyish by some others. Women of this type have slim shoulders and hips, flat belly, smaller breasts and butt cheeks. It is very easy for them to maintain low weight. On the other hand, is they never have larger bust than B cups, if they stay natural. Take Cintia Dicker, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Miranda Kerr as typical examples of this shape. Banana body shape is the one that should wear tiny triangle bikini most of the time while swimming or tanning. This swimsuit type flatters to slender firm body with smaller curves.

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