Real vs Fake Breasts

Welcome, after reading following article, you should be able to easily distinguish natural breasts from implants in most cases.

Some people do not believe, that slim girls may have naturally big bust and they call all of them surgically enhanced. And they are even more suspicious, if the girl has nicely firm breasts. However there are some exquisite busts out there, so how to recognize real wonders of nature from breast implants?

Overly symmetrical implants vs. nicely shaped natural breasts

If a girl is young and slender, her breasts can look almost like two scoops of ice cream. However this state usually does not last very long and changes quickly with age and weight gain or loss. On the other hand, natural bigger bust never looks like two soccer balls. Simply never. That means upper and lower halfs are not the same unless you have breast implants in front of you.

Because of something called breast ratio. Scientists discovered that the upper half of naturally firm breasts makes 45% of the total breast volume and a lower half 55%. In practice, this means that even firm natural bust is without convex shape in upper half. Only while wearing a bra or other supportive lingerie, convex shape is visible also on the upper half of breast. That’s why you can’t be sure if women has silicone gel breast implants or other type of breast enlargement surgery, when her bust is in bra. You can read more about ideal woman body shape here.

Changing shape of natural breasts vs. static shape of implants in various body positions

If the shape of breasts remains the same whether the woman is standing, lying or bending, you see unnatural firmness of silicon or saline implants. Natural gorgeous C-cup looks perfect only when woman is standing upright. When bending, her breasts have bigger fold on the bottom line. And when she lies on her back, bust looks flatter. Big breasts sticking up are evidence of surgical breast enlargement.

You can see good example of this natural change of shape in Jessica Biel nude scenes in Blue Powder movie. She has one of firmest and best shaped natural bust you can see on Hollywood actress, yet they still look slightly flatter when she lies on the back.

Tear shaped breast implants vs Round implants

Overly convex shape of the upper half of surgically enhanced breast can be avoided by using so called tear shaped breast implants (they are also often called anatomical or just shaped). This tear shape replicates some of the pliability that natural bust has but it is in fact even less compliant than round one. It has to be to maintain its anatomical shape, while women is standing. Unlike round implants, a tear shaped breast implant will maintain the same shape lying down. You should discuss advantages and disadvantages of both options with your plastic surgeon.