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Yasmine Al-Bustami

Popular actress Yasmine Al-Bustami currently plays Agent Lucy Tara in NCIS: Hawaiʻi. She started in this role in 2021. Her slim physique is a good example of banana body type with slender frame and naturally smaller hips and breasts. Al-Bustami weighs 119 pounds and wears 34B bra size. You can find the rest of her measurements in the table below. Continue reading

Isabel May

Young actress Isabel May is mostly known as Katie Cooper from Alexa & Katie and Veronica Duncan from Young Sheldon. She wears 34A bra size and her gorgeous slim figure is an example of so called banana body type. No wonder her fans got really thrilled when she decided to take a black and white photoshoot wearing only jeans. Continue reading

Millie Bobby Brown

Young actress Millie Bobby Brown became famous through several Netflix show Stranger Things where she is starring as Eleven. Paparazzi’s seem to be following her even on vacation where she took some photos of her slender hourglass-shaped body in bikini while she was hanging out with her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi. Brown is five feet and four inches tall and wears 34B bra size. Continue reading

Lauren Boebert

Reoublican politician Lauren Boebert got elected into US congress in the 2020 election and assumed her office the following year. Although she wears classic dress to work now, she is very fond of outdoorsy clothing and spends a lot of her time in tight fitting jeans that nicely outline her body. When it comes to measurements, Boebert wears 34C bra size and weighs 128 lbs. Continue reading

Stephanie Erb

Stephanie Erb started regularly starring on television in early nineties and since then appeared on numerous TV shows, including General Hospital (as Alexis Davis) and Therapy with Pami (as Dr. L). Her brief appearance on Two and a Half Men included some bra-revealing scenes which left her fans wonder about her body measurements. Erb wears 36D bra size and her breasts are all natural. She does not have breast implants. Continue reading

Anna Falchi

As an actress, Anna Falchi was popular especially in 1990’s when she appeared in some of her biggest roles like the ones in Nel Continente Nero and S.P.Q.R.: 2,000 and a Half Years Ago. It was not just her great acting skills but also her undeniable beauty that propelled her rise to fame. Falchi wears a 36C bra size and her full breasts are surgically enhanced. You can find her body measurements in the chart below. Continue reading

Jill Biden

Jill Biden is a wife of the 46th US president Joe Biden. She is always perfectly dressed, whether it is on official balls and other events or following Joe on campaign trail. Biden weighs 132 pounds and wears 34C bra size. She is Joe’s second wife. They have one daughter named Ashley together but she has been a mother also to both sons from her husband’s first marriage. Continue reading

Felicia Combs

Felicia Combs is an attractive meteorologist from The Weather Channel TV station. She frequently wears tight fitting dresses that accentuate her voluptuous hourglass body type with larger natural breasts. Combs wears 36C bra size and weighs 137 pounds. She shares many hot pictures with her fans through her Instagram account. And she did not forget to include some in bikini. Continue reading

Caroline Vreeland

Caroline Vreeland is a German-American celebrity known for her voluptuous figure. In her case, we are definitely not exaggerating, as she packs incredible 38F bra size. It is even more unusual since Vreeland has otherwise a slender physique. Her body measurements are like from some kind of cartoon and she likes to show off. That includes posts on her Instagram account that recently surpassed 460 thousand followers. Continue reading

Chelan Simmons

Canadian beauty Chelan Simmons played in many movies but if you are interested in checking closely on her gorgeous body measurements, we would recommend her appearances in Good Luck Chuck and especially Final Destination 3. In the latter film, Simmons’ assets in the tanning bed scene looked so perfect that some viewers suspectec she must have breast implants. But the opposite is true. Simmons wears 34C bra size and her firm rack is real. Continue reading

Jamie Grey Hyder

American actress Jamie Grey Hyder played recently Kat Tamin on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit but you might know her from many other roles. When she did some daring scenes as Danielle on TV show True Blood, many viewers became curious about her body measurements. Hyder weighs 137 pounds and wears a 36C bra size. She has an hourglass-shaped figure, flat toned belly, and above average height for a woman. Continue reading