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Body measurements of famous actresses, their bra size, height, weight and much more…

Kiersey Clemons

Young American actress Kiersey Clemons is attractive and cute at the same time. At the set of The Only Living Boy, Clemons flaunted her firm curves when she wore thin grey top that let a little to imagination. She weighs 121 pounds and wears 34B bra size. Her measurements also stand out on some photos Kiersey is sharing with her fans on Instagram. Continue reading

Zoie Palmer

As an android in the television show Dark Matter, Zoie Palmer wears usually a tight blue outfit that reveals a lot from her attractive figure. So it is no surprise that a lot of her fans are curious about her body measurements. Palmer’s slender hourglass shaped body is 5′ 6″ tall and she wears 34B bra size. Would you guess that she is actually a 40 years old mother of one? Continue reading

Jean Smart

When sh arrived at 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Jean Smart wore low-cut evening gown that highlighted her full assets. She can be proud of her naturally hourglass shaped figure with attractive measurements. Smart is 5’9″ tall and wears 36C bra size. In her late sixties, Jean is still active as an actress and has a indisputable charisma. Continue reading

Madelaine Petsch

Young redhead Madelaine Petsch came into media spotlight in 2017 as Cheryl Blossom from CW’s series Riverdale. This beauty with long hair and pale skin has a perfect figure. Her body measurements are example of slender hourglass body shape. Petsch wears 34B bra size and weighs 116 pounds. Needless to say she looks great in alsmost any outfit. For example at Kick Off Summer With Reef Escape, Petsch wore orange top with really deep neckline and apparently nothing underneath it. Continue reading

Lili Reinhart

Young American actress Lili Reinhart is becoming increasingly popular thanks to her role of Betty Cooper in a new television series Riverdale. She has a gorgeous slim body and couple of scenes required from her to show up wearing only push-up lace bra on top. So what are her measurements? Reinhart is 5’6″ tall and wears 34B bra size although in some scenes her assets might look larger because of padding. She doesn’t have breast implants. Continue reading

Goldie Hawn

Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn is known for her petite figure. Her body measurements can be described as banana body shape with relatively small breasts and hips. Hawn wears 34A bra size and weighs 119 pounds. Good movie to see her figure at it’s best is Butterflies Are Free from 1972 where she played Jill Tanner. Continue reading

Christa Miller

Christa Miller rose to prominence as Jordan Sullivan in television show Scrubs. In one episode, she appeared in swimsuit scene and her bikini body gained a lot of attention. Miller possess hourglass shaped figure with impressive measurements. She wears 36C bra size. You wouldn’t guess this mother of three recently celebrated her 53rd birthday. Continue reading

Cybill Shepherd

Attractive actress Cybill Shepherd skyrocketed to fame after her debut movie titled The Last Picture Show. In this film from 1971 Shepherd showed her gorgeous body measurements in white lingerie and even without it. Her hourglasses shaped, yet slender figure gained her a lot of fans. Back in 1970’s, Cybill weighed 129 pounds and wore 34B bra size. She is still active as an actress today. Continue reading

Kim Delaney

Voluptuous actress Kim Delaney is probably most famous as Claudia from Army Wives and Detective Diane Russell from Army Wives. She possess attractive hourglass body type with large natural breasts. Delaney wears 34C bra size and weighs 136 pounds. Whilr she doesn’t have breast implants, some fans speculate that she might have botox injections or other type of cosmetic surgery for her face. Continue reading