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Body measurements of famous actresses, their bra size, height, weight and much more…

Indira Varma

With half-Indian and half-Swiss ancestry and England for a birthplace, Indira has truly international background. This elegant actress skyrocketed to fame with her role in Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love in 1996. Script required her to show pretty much all of her perfect body measurements. Varma posseses a slender figure with banana body type. Continue reading

Melissa Leo

Ever since Melissa Leo rose to prominence in 1980’s mostly thanks to her role on All My Children, her acting career is flourishing. She also won numerous movie awards such as Academy Award in 2010 and with all her talent, it’s no surprise. Even in her sixties, Leo maintains slender body measurements. She is 5’4″ tall and weighs 132 pounds. Continue reading

Katie Cleary

She made a significant breakthrough as a beautiful briefcase girl on TV competition Deal or no Deal but later proved her versatile talent also as an actress and producer. She looks gorgeous in bikini with her toned abs and so many people wonder what are her measurements. Cleary wears 34C bra size and weighs 128 lbs. Continue reading

Amanda Redman

Currently most famous probably as Dr. Lydia Fonseca, Amanda Redman can be proud of her successful career in TV and theatre. Even at 64, she has no shortage of interesting roles and looks stunning. Redman is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and wears 36C bra size. She is married to her second husband Damian Schnabel and has one kid. Continue reading

Julia Fox

Julia Fox have been rising to fame last couple years thanks to her acting talent but she filled front pages of magazines in early 2022 when the news of her romantic relationship with famous rapper Kanye West became public. This gorgeous woman posed for several photoshoots and occasional revealed a lot from her hourglass-shaped figure. Fox wears 34C bra size and weighs 139 pounds. Continue reading

Alba Baptista

Rising star Alba Baptista was more famous to Portuguese speaking audience until recently. In 2020, she was cast as a main character Ava Silva for a new Netflix series titled Warrior Nun. This role might not require showing too much skin, but Baptista previously flaunted her perfect bikini figure in of her first roles in Jardins Proibidos. So her fans could see for themselves that Alba’s measurements are looking simply gorgeous in horizontally striped pastel bikini top. Baptista wears a 34C bra size and weighs 125 pounds. Continue reading

Katherine Langford

Australian actress Katherine Langford made it among most searched new celebrities of 2020 thanks to her role of witch Nimue in Netflix fantasy series Cursed. As more voluptuous actresses are coming back into style, Langford can be proud of her distinctive hourglass body shape and 34DD bra size. Her measurements are definitely great asset but she is also a talented and we bet we’ll see her in more roles in the future. Continue reading

Anna Shaffer

Gorgeous Anna Shaffer is not only a popular and talented actress but also an incredibly hot lingerie model! She is represented by MOT models agency and her distinctive hourglass body type is hard to overlook. Anna’s most memorable photoshoot so far was for underwear store Figleaves that often prefers voluptuous models. Shaffer wears a 32F bra size, despite some online sources mistakenly saying it is 32B (what?!). Continue reading

Freya Allan

Young English actress Freya Allan turned 18 in 2019. But this year is important for her life also for another reason. She gained a big role of Princess Ciri in Netflix series The Witcher. Almost unknown before, Freya quickly amassed over 70,000 followers on her Instagram account even before the show even had a premiere. Allan has a slender figure that can be described as a banana body type. Her petite body measurements look stunning and model-like. She wears a 32B bra size and because of her youthful look some speculated if she is too young for this kind of a role. Continue reading

Mimi Ndiweni

Beautiful actress Mimi Ndiweni already had several important roles but now is starring as one of the main characters, Fringilla, in a new fantasy show The Witcher. Sam as other actresses from this series, Ndiweni is from England. No wonder, considering  this fantasy was film filmed in Europe. Mostly eastern Europe and Canary Island, but they needed cast with perfect English. Ndiweni is not only talented but also very attractive. Her slim banana body type has nice body measurements. Mimi’s height is 5′ 8″ and she wears a 34B bra size. Continue reading

Anya Chalotra

Attractive Anya Chalotra is a rising star that became incredibly popular as Yennefer of Vengerberg on a Netflix fantasy series The Witcher. Her unusual beauty left many people asking what is her ethnicity and what are her body measurements. Chalotra was born in United Kingdom but only her is English while her father is of Indian ancestry. Her slender yet curvaceous figure is a fine example of an hourglass body type. Chalotra weighs 121 pounds and she wears a 34C bra size. You can find the rest of her body stats in the chart below. Continue reading

MyAnna Buring

Gorgeous MyAnna Buring performed a long list of roles but gained a huge fan following as Tissaia de Vries in Netflix fantasy series The Witcher.  Despite having a petite figure (and being only 5′ 2″ tall), Buring has some impressive body measurements that constitute a shapely hourglass body type. We are talking especially about her 34D bra size. MyAnna has natural curves and despite a perfect cleavage, she doesn’t have breast implants as some might think. Continue reading