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Body measurements of famous actresses, their bra size, height, weight and much more…

Madylin Sweeten

Young star Madylin Sweeten was most famous as a child actress on Everybody Loves Raymond. But she’s over 20 now and grew up to have beautiful curvaceous body. Her full measurements are so called apple body type. And as she proved at Annual TV Land Awards when she arrived in black low-cut gown, she has very large natural bust. Sweeten wears 36D bra size and those D cups are natural. She doesn’t have breast implants. Madylin weighs 140 pounds and is five feet and one inch tall. Check out also measurements of Patricia Heaton, Jodie Sweetin, and Melissa Rauch.
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Carrie Fisher

Famous actress Carrie Fisher became a sex symbol in 1970’s and 1980’s thanks to her slave outfit on Star Wars consisting only from metal bikini. Being only five feet and one inch tall, Carrie has really petite figure. An her body measurements looked at it’s best back than. Fisher weighed 119 pounds and wore 34B bra size. She was slim with flat stomach yet with some very nice curves. Check out also measurements of Daisy Ridley, Lynda Carter, and Barbara Eden.
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Palina Rojinski

Russian-German TV celebrity Palina Rojinski has incredible body. Her measurements are clear example of hourglass body type. She has large breasts, slim waist, and round hips. Rojinski wears 34DD bra size (wich is 75F on continental European scale) and many people think that she has to have some type of breast implants. However, her bust is all natural although really rare in proportions. Check out also measurements of Christina Hendricks, Julia Goerges, and Sarah Rafferty.
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Marilyn Maxwell

As one of the most iconic Hollywood actresses of 1940’s and 1950’s, Marilyn Maxwell is often compared to Marilyn Monroe. Maxwell had also very attractive hourglass body shape furher highlighted by corsets. She weighed 131 pounds and wore 34C bra size. Pointy cone-cup bras were very popular back then and made her bust look even bigger and perkier. Check out also measurements of Maureen O’Hara, Marilyn Monroe, and Diana Dors.
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Michelle Trachtenberg

Popular American actress Michelle Trachtenberg is known for her attractive figure. In 2011, she even posed for Maxim magazine, wearing various hot underwear. For example black lace Agent Provocateur corset with garters and stockings. The corset made her perfect body measurements really stand out. Trachtenberg weighs 130 pounds and wears 34B bra size. Although some people are mentioning that she gained some weight recently, fact is she still has very nice body. Check out also measurements of Kristen Bell, Sarah Michelle Gelar, and Eliza Dushku.
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