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Caroline Vreeland

Caroline Vreeland is a German-American celebrity known for her voluptuous figure. In her case, we are definitely not exaggerating, as she packs incredible 38F bra size. It is even more unusual since Vreeland has otherwise a slender physique. Her body measurements are like from some kind of cartoon and she likes to show off. That includes posts on her Instagram account that recently surpassed 460 thousand followers. Continue reading

Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie D’Amelio is a young social media personality that rose to fame alongside her younger sister. Dixie became famous on TikTok but soon expanded her reach to other media as well. Her slender figure is so called banana body type and D’Amelio wears a 34A bra size. She is 5′ 6″ tall and as many online photos can testify, she looks great in any bikini, especially the tiny kind. Continue reading

Charli D’Amelio

Internet celebrity Charli D’Amelio experienced a rapid rise to fame in recent years. All thanks to her viral dancing videos on TikTok. She is only 18 years old which means are body measurement will most likely still keep changing quite a lot but as of now, Charli wears a 32B bra size and weighs 121 pounds. Her lean figure is a prime example of so called banana body type and thanks to frequent dancing and exercise, she possesses a gorgeous flat toned stomach. Continue reading

Rachel Cook

American model and social media star Rachel Cook is known for her perfect body measurements. Her slim tall figure with toned belly and flawless curves gained many admirers on Instagram where she amassed over 3.5 million followers. Cook weighs 134 pounds and wears 34C bra size. Despite what some people think, her breasts are all natural. Cook does not have implants. With her stunning physique, it is no surprise that she poses mainly in swimwear and lingerie. Continue reading

Addison Rae

Rising star Addison Rae gained a lot of popularity on TikTok with her dance videos. This young beauty danced competitively since early age and thanks to this hobby maintains a toned figure. Her fans have pretty good idea about her body measurements, as Addison often shares bikini pictures on social media. Rae possesses a gorgeous pear-shaped figure and while some people tried to body shamed her online, she has nothing to be ashamed of. Rae wears a 34B bra size and weighs 121 pounds. Continue reading

Shannon Ihrke

Recently dubbed as the “World’s hottest Marine,” Shannon Ihrke took over internet with the speed of lightning. This glamour model is growing her Instagram account fast. Currently, she can be proud of 154 thousand followers but we have no doubt this number will continue growing. Ihrke has stunning body measurements. Her perfectly shaped hourglass figure is a result of hard training but also some skilled plastic surgeons. Toned flat belly can thank to the first while her full and firm bust is result of the latter. Shannon has breast implants and she wears a 34D bra size. That means some serious assets on a slender frame! Continue reading

Kinsey Wolanski

Glamour model and social media star Kinsey Wolanski became extremely famous when she recently interrupted UEFA match, running across the playing field only in a black cutout swimsuit with a text over her breasts that promoted her boyfriend’s website. But with her voluptuous hourglass body measurements, she made the biggest advertisement for herself and Kinsey’s Instagram account soared from 250 thousand followers to 2.5 million followers within few short hours. Continue reading

Elizabeth Pipko

Young fashion model Elizabeth Pipko got into media spotlight in early 2019 as a spokesperson for a “Jexodus” movement, a political group that advocates shift of Jewish voters away from Democratic party and joining the ranks of conservatives. Pipko might be conservative when it comes to politics but her wardrobe is certainly not. She doesn’t hesitate to appear in media in a low-cut dress that accentuates her gorgeous bust. Elizabeth wears a 32DD bra size, quite a rare combination of large cups on a very slender frame. And you want to know the best thing? They are natural, no silicone or other implants. Continue reading

Lea Elui

Rising online star Lea Elui is famous mostly thanks to her Instagram account which currently has over 8 million followers. She is sharing pictures in different clothes and some of the outfits are quite daring. No wonder her fans became curious about Lea’s body measurements. She possesses distinctive hourglass body shape with large breasts. Although she has a quite petite frame, Elui wears a 32D bra size. Are they real or fake? We are leaning towards the “no breast implants” theory since she is quite young for surgery and her bust has a natural shape. Continue reading

Lauren Southern

Internet celebrity Lauren Southern is a famous political activist that is sometimes described as a part of so called alt-right movement. But she is also a very attractive woman in her early twenties. Southern has a slim hourglass shaped body. She wears a 34C bra size and her curves are all natural. She doesn’t have breast implants or other plastic surgery. her height is 5’6″. Continue reading

Jessica Andrea

Beautiful Jessica Andrea became famous through Instagram. She amassed over 800 thousand followers on this social network but also got into spotlight for her marriage to Robert Bryson Hall II known more under his stage name Logic. Andrea’s slim and fit figure looks perfect in bikini. Her slender body measurements are so called banana body type. Jessica wears 34B bra size and weighs 113 pounds. She once shared a bathroom selfie on which she wore only black and hot pink bikini. Can’t be more fashionable than that! Continue reading

Kaushal Beauty

Popular YouTuber known under her online nickname Kaushal Beauty amassed already over 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube. She is sharing with her fans mostly makeup tutorials, such as Tutorial – Foundation Contour & Highlight Routine. Kaushal wears 34C bra size and her height is only 5’0”. Her ancestry is Indian. Continue reading