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Measurements of TV and Reality Stars, their bra size, weight, shoe size and more…

Ana Cabrera

Mexican American television star Ana Cabrera works as an anchor for CNN channel. This attractive woman has slim figure. Her measurements are example of banana body type. Cabrera wears 34B bra size and weighs 118 pounds. It is clear that Ana is in perfect shape, even though she wears pretty conservative outfits most of the time while on TV. Continue reading

Tracy Wolfson

Popular American sportscaster Tracy Wolfson has a stunning slim figure. You wouldn’t believe she is a mother of three in her mid forties. Wolfson’s figure is a nice example of so called banana body type Women with this physique usually don’t have much trouble staying slender. Wolfson weighs 118 pounds and wears 34A bra size. Her height is five feet and six inches. Continue reading

Louise Minchin

Popular journalist Louise Minchin has a remarkable career. Many of her fans are interested in her body measurements. Minchin wears 34C bra size and weighs 142 pounds. Her height is five feet and eight inches. Minchin takes great care of her figure and for someone in mid-forties, Louise is in a stunning shape. She is married and has two daughters. Continue reading

Gina Loudon

Beautiful television host Gina Loudon is mostly known for her appearances on YouToo America and Fox News. Her figure has distinctive hourglass shape with large natural breasts, slim waist, and round hips. Gina weighs 141 pounds and wears 34D bra size. This attractive woman is a mother of five. And it might surprise you how petite she is. Loudon’s height is only 5’ 2”. Continue reading

Maria Bartiromo

Television journalist Maria Bartiromo currently hosts Mornings with Maria at Fox Business Network and also Sunday Morning Futures at Fox News. She has a college degree in journalism and economics from the New York University. Bartiromo wears 36B bra size and weighs 145 pounds. She knows how to dress. Just check out for example the dress she wore at NY Ballet Spring Gala at the NY State Theatre. Continue reading

Kristin Fisher

Kristin Fisher works currently as a Fox News correspondent for the White House. This beautiful woman as a slender figure with so called banana body shape. Fisher wears 32C bra size and weighs 124 pounds. Her height is 5’8”. She usually dresses pretty conservatively but occasionally swears mini dress in a studio. So we can say for sure that she has truly stunning legs. Continue reading

Danielle Bregoli

Danielle Bregoli known also as bhadbhabie and Cash Me Outside is a teenage internet celebrity. Her Instagram account has over 9 million followers and keeps growing. Her body measurements came recently under scrutiny. Rumors about her alleged breast implant surgery appeared online but Bregoli insists that her 34C bra size is all-natural and when you take her age into account, she must be right. However, it looks like she sometimes enhances her appearance with push-up bra. Hrr height is 5’3″. Continue reading

Jessica Tarlov

Jessica Tarlov is a frequent guest on Hannity where she represents liberal point of view. But Tarlov is also a very beautiful woman. Her slender figure has attractive body measurements. Tarlov weighs 127 pounds and wears 34B bra size. Yet, with her good education and successful career, this young brunette is much more than just a pretty face. Continue reading