Emma Mackey

Rising star Emma Mackey got recently into the spotlight as one of the main cast members of a a new TV show called Sex Education. This Netflix production has a big potential and Mackey might get more roles soon. Her body measurements are petite yet with some nice curves. Emma wears a 34C bra size and weighs 118 pounds.
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Lauren Sanchez

Television personality and actress Lauren Sanchez became recently way more famous as she is now romantically linked to a super-rich Amazon founder and investor Jeff Bezos. According to many, she is his new girlfriend and probably even the reason behind his upcoming divorce. Sanchez is 49 years old and takes an incredible care of her body. Her stunning hourglass shaped figure with perfect measurements is definitely maintained through long hours in a gym. When paparazzi spotted Sanchez wearing striped triangle bikini in Cabo, Lauren’s stomach was perfectly toned. It is also hard not to notice her full 34DD bra size. Sanchez’s curves are natural as she doesn’t have breast implants. Continue reading

Aurora Perrineau

Young star Aurora Perrineau caught the eyes of many in 2018 as she appeared in the movie Truth or Dare and the television show Into the Dark. Perrineau has a gorgeous slim figure so it is not surprising that she was working as a model before she branched into acting. Aurora’s measurements are classic example of a banana body type. She wears a 34B bra size and stand 5′ 6″ tall. Continue reading

Rebecca Rittenhouse

Beautiful actress Sasha Grey has been starring in numerous movies and TV shows, most recently in Into the Dark and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Her charm is hard to go unnoticed. Rittenhouse’s hourglass body type is giving her slim waist, round hips and a 34C bra size. At 2018 LA Film Festival, Rebecca wore red strapless dress that nicely highlighted her assets. Continue reading

Sasha Grey

American actress Sasha Grey originally started her career in the movies for adults. But as only one of few, she successfully branched out in to the mainstream acting career. Most recently, she appeared in Into the Dark as a Party DJ. Her hourglass shaped body is well known and appreciated among men. Grey weighs 119 pounds and wears a 34B bra size. Fun fact: her curves appeared even in PETA campaign that promoted neutering for dogs and cats. Continue reading

Melissa Roxburgh

Young actress Melissa Roxburgh recently gained more fame as Michaela Stone in a new television show Manifest. But that is by far not her first role. Stunning blonde has a slender banana body type with relatively small natural breasts and hips. She wears a 34B bra size and is 5′ 5″ tall. In 2018, she appeared at San Diego Comic-Con wearing low-cut blouse and blue pants. Continue reading

Maria Taylor

Tall and beautiful sports analyst Maria Taylor curently hosts for ESPN and the SEC Network. No wonder this fit and athletic woman used to have an athletic scholarship at the University of Georgia. She played volleyball and basketball for their teams. Taylor has very attractive body measurements. She is 6’and 2” tall and wears a 36B bra size. Even as a sportscaster, Taylor stays in great shape. Continue reading

Lena Katina

Gorgeous redhead Lena Katina became originally famous as a half of a famous duo t.A.T.u. Together with Julia Volkova, Lena performed in some very daring music videos and later also posed for Maxim magazine. In the latter, she appeared for example in a sheer nightie. Katina ha a curvaceous figure with classic hourglass shaped measurements. She wears a 34DD bra size and weighs 128 pounds. Continue reading