Tatyana Ali

Attractive actress Tatyana Ali has an incredible hourglass-shaped figure with large natural breasts, slim waist, and round hips. She showed a lot from it for example in a bikini scene in 1996 movie Fall into Darkness. Ali wears 36C bra size and her curves are all-natural. She doesn’t have breast implants or other type of breast enlargement surgery. Although almost 40 years old, Tatyana still looks gorgeous. Continue reading

Shanola Hampton

Shanola Hampton rose to prominence as Veronica Fisher on a popular television series Shameless. This show requires some undressed scenes from most of it’s cast and Shanola isn’t an exception. So the viewers got a good look at her incredible measurements. Hampton wears 34D bra size and her assets are definitely a result of a work of an experienced plastic surgeon. She has silicone breast implants. Continue reading

Joey King

Rising star Joey King played one of the main roles in 2018 romantic comedy The Kissing Booth. The quirky movies includes several scenes in which King shows up wearing a bra or bikini. Her petite hourglass-shaped body looks stunning and she also has a toned flat tummy. No wonder her fans started to ask about her measurements. King wears 34C bra size but in certain movie scenes most likely wears a push-up bra which makes her assets seem even bigger. She doesn’t have breast implants or other type of cosmetic surgery. Continue reading

Kirsten Gillibrand

Polititian Kirsten Gillibrand is currently serving as the junior United States Senator for the state of New York. She belongs to the the most famous Democratic politians. In her early fifties, Gillibrand looks stunning. She has hourglass body shape and wears dress size 10. Her bra size is estimated to be 36D. This mother of two wears costumes most of the time. Continue reading

Jamie Luner

Beautiful Californian actress Jamie Luner probably reach the peak of her popularity in late 1990’s when she played for example Lexi Sterling on famous soap opera Melrose Place. Her red hair, light blue eyes and attractive hourglass body measurements made her an idol of many men. Nowadays, Luner is 46 years old but still looks terrific. She wears 36B bra size and weighs 126 pounds. Continue reading

BarBara Luna

American actress BarBara Luna reached the peak of her beauty and popularity in 1960’s when she played for example Marlena Moreau in the Star Trek episode Mirror, Mirror. The alternative universe’s female Starfleet uniforms were quite revealing. They showed her impeccable body measurements and hourglass shape. Luna wore 34C bra size and had a slim waist. Together with her dark complexion, those attributes brought her instant popularity among male fans. Continue reading

Caroline Rhea

Popular actress Caroline Rhea gained notoriety as Hilda in Sabrina the Teenage Witch but she is also a successful stand-up comedian. Her body measurements are example of so called apple body type. Rhea weighs 174 pounds and wears 38C bra size. And as she proved multiple times on the red carpet, she isn’t afraid to show some cleavage. Continue reading

Hedy Lamarr

Although beautiful Hedy Lamarr started her acting career in Czechoslovakia with a controversial movie Ecstasy, she moved to Hollywood and eventually became one of the big icons of the late 1930’s. Her attractive figure had a classic hourglass body shape and she wore 36B bra size. The men were crazy about her and Hedy was married six times during her life! Continue reading