Sybil Danning

Austrian actress Sybil Danning reached the peak of her popularity in 1980’s. She appeared in many movies that also gave her fans more than a glimpse at her incredible body measurements, such as They’re Playing with Fire in 1984. Although having slim waist, Danning possessed some very nice curves that were giving her figure a distinctive hourglass body shape. She wore 36C bra size and weighed 137 pounds. Needless to say that she became an idol for many men back then. Continue reading

Chelsea Meissner

Some of you might still remember her from the reality television show Survivor: One World. Young blonde Chelsea Meissner caught everybody’s attention in her pink bikini top and denim cut off shorts. And some even wondered if her full and shapely bust is all natural or if Chelsea has silicone breast implants. Well, Meissner wears 34D bra size and her assets are all natural. She just happens to possess a perfect bikini body with a flat stomach and hourglass shaped figure. Her weight is 129 pounds. Continue reading

Sydney Sweeney

When Netflix series Everything Sucks! arrived in 2018, many viewers noticed impressive body measurements of a young American actress Sydney Sweeney. Starring there as Emaline Addario, Sweeney has there a locker room scene in which she is flaunting her assets in a beige padded bra. Hourglass shape of her body is crowned by her full bust. Sydney wears 34D bra size and her curves are all natural, she didn’t undergo a breast implant surgery. And she is aonly 5′ 3″ tall. Continue reading

Eline Powell

British star Eline Powell recently caught a lot of public attention with her main role on a new television show Siren. But the best opportunity to check closer on her body measurements was when she appeared in a popular fantasy series Game of Thrones as Bianca. Her hourglass shaped figure is crowned by her 34C bra size and shapely legs. Continue reading

Cindy Busby

Stunning blonde Cindy Busby is probably most famous as Ashley Stanton from Heartland. But she did also more revealing roles as was the one in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love in which she showed her attractive body measurements in a lace bra. Busby’s hourglass shape figure weighs 126 pounds and she wears 34B bra size. Continue reading

Lauren Ambrose

Attractive actress Lauren Ambrose is most recently known as a Special Agent Liz Einstein from The X-Files. This hot redhead proved during several photo shoots that her body measurements look fabulous in a low-cut dress. Her slender physique is an example of a so called banana body type. Ambrose wears 34B bra size and weighs 124 pounds. Continue reading

Camila Morrone

Argentinian model Camila Morrone has a gorgeous bikini body. Her slim yet curvaceous figure is a superb example of hourglass body measurements. No wonder she is posing mostly in lingerie and bikini. And her stunning beauty got her not only prestigious modeling contracts but also helped her gain interest of Leonardo DiCaprio. She is his latest girlfriend since the late 2017. Continue reading

Danielle Savre

Blonde actress Danielle Savre caught everyone’s eye when she arrived at the Rookie USA Fashion Show in NYC in 2017. She wore tight white dress that was revealing a lot from her hourglass-shaped figure. Her attractive measurements were exposed even more in the 2015 movie Adulterers where she played a cheating wife. Savre is 5’6″ tall and wears 36C bra size. Continue reading

Tessa Virtue

Popular ice dancer Tessa Virtue has a petite figure and is 5’5” tall. Her slender body measurements with smaller breasts and hips are example of so called banana body type and her fans can regularly admire it in a tight ice-dancing outfits. But Tessa also posed in sports bra for Adidas commercial. Continue reading

Olivia Cooke

Young British actress Olivia Cooke captivated masses with her role in a sci-fi movie Ready Player One in 2018. Being only 5’ 5” tall and slender, Cooke has body measurements that are on a petite side. She wears 32B bra size and her slim figure is so called banana body type. On the premiere of The Quiet Ones, Olivia proved that she can also rock a low-cur dress with a deep cleavage. Continue reading