Jessica Andrea

Beautiful Jessica Andrea became famous through Instagram. She amassed over 800 thousand followers on this social network but also got into spotlight for her marriage to Robert Bryson Hall II known more under his stage name Logic. Andrea’s slim and fit figure looks perfect in bikini. Her slender body measurements are so called banana body type. Jessica wears 34B bra size and weighs 113 pounds. She once shared a bathroom selfie on which she wore only black and hot pink bikini. Can’t be more fashionable than that! Continue reading

Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels is a former star from movies for adults but lately gained a lot of media attention for her alleged romance with president Donald Trump. Her voluptuous body measurements are hard to miss. Daniels possesses distinctive hourglass proportions and wears 36DD bra size. She had a help of plastic surgeons though. Daniels has silicone breast implants. Her height is pretty average 5′ 7″ but that is probably the only thing that is average about her body. Continue reading

Vanessa Trump

Beautiful Vanessa Trump is a former model and actress who got into media spotlight as a wife of Donald Trump Jr. with whom she has 5 kids! Despite all those pregnancies, Vanessa managed to maintain an enviable figure. Her body measurements are a classic example of so called hourglass body type with full breasts, slim waist, and round hips. Vanessa Trump wears 34D bra size and weighs 134 pounds. At the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, Vanessa looked gorgeous in a white strapless gown that was exposing her tan lines. Continue reading

Ivana Baquero

Beautiful Spanish actress Ivana Baquero gained a lot of fans through her role as Eretria in a fantasy television show The Shannara Chronicles. She shared with her fans also some photos in a swimwear, such as the one in a triangle-cut pink and black bikini. Her hourglass-shaped figure has gorgeous measurements and her perfectly shaped bust is all natural. Baquero did not get breast implants. She ears 34C bra size and can be proud of her flat toned stomach. Bikini pics also revealed that she has a tattooed underbelly. Continue reading

Josephine Skriver

Danish supermodel Josephine Skriver gained the most recognition as one of the famous “Angels” for Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand. She always had superb body measurements but when comparing her most revealing photos from 2013 and 2016, you can notice a significant increase in her cup size. She wore A-B cups before and her current full curves are 32D bra size. Skriver has silicone breast implants but as she revealed during racy photo shoot with a French photographer David Bellemere, they look really good and almost natural. Continue reading

Rebecca Diamond

Former Fox News TV personality Rebecca Diamond was contributor for Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network but in 2011 she sued Bill O’Reilly for sexual harassment and they eventually settled out of the court. Diamond is a very beautiful woman with a distinctive hourglass body shape. She wears 34D bra size and her breasts are natural, she did not have a plastic surgery. Continue reading

Angela Magaña

Mixed martial artist Angela Magaña is known for her ripped figure. Being only 5’ 4” tall, Magaña is actually a petite woman but that did not stop her to become a fierce opponent in the ring. Angela’s body measurements with relatively small breasts and narrow hips are an example of a banana body type. In the past, Magaña competed in the Strawweight division but later switched to the Flyweight division. Continue reading

Mikaela Shiffrin

Alpine ski racer Mikaela Shiffrin is a very accomplished sportswoman with two gold medals from Olympic Games. However, she is also a very beautiful woman. There is no out that her sports career is helping her to stay in a superb shape. Her body measurements are of a great interest among her fans. Shiffrin’s athletic figure with relatively wide shoulders is called inverted triangle. She wears 36B bra size and weighs 141 pounds. While visiting The Late Night with Seth Meyers, Mikaela picked a blue mini dress with quite a cleavage. Continue reading

Danai Gurira

Rising to fame as Michonne on The Walking Dead, Danai Gurira solidified her status as a big star in 2018 when she played Okoye in a new superhero movie Black Panther. Her attractive hourglass body shape with full natural breasts is giving her stunning measurements. Gurira wears 34C bra size and is 5′ 7″ tall. She posed for many magazines, including More Magazine and Bello, and proved on multiple occasions that she possesses a perfect bikini body. Continue reading

Karen McDougal

Beautiful glamour model Karen McDougal rose to the prominence in 1998 when she was selected as a Playmate of the Year. Her toned figure with firm curves made her very popular. McDougal wears 34D bra size but her assets are not completely natural. Karen has breast implants. According to rumors, McDougal was supposed to have an affair with Donald Trump from 2006 to 2007. That became a hot topic during and after the presidential election. Continue reading