Tara Lipinski

Beautiful Tara Lipinski is known as a figure skater also an actress. Same as most figure skaters, Lipinski has a petite figure with smaller breasts. Her so called banana body type looks great in a tiny bikini, as she proved in 2017 during the photoshoot she did on exotic honeymoon in the Maldives. Lipinski weighs 101 pounds and she is only 5’ 1” tall. She could make a decent living as a model. Continue reading

Dichen Lachman

Australian actress Dichen Lachman can thank for her exotic looks to her half-Tibetan and half-German ancestry. She is currently most famous as Reileen in a new sci-fi Altered Carbon that premiered on Netflix in 2018. High frequency of undressed scenes also allowed her fans to get a pretty good picture of her body measurements. Lachman is naturally slim with smaller breasts and hips. So called banana body type gives her slender features. Continue reading

Martha Higareda

Her fame was limited to her native Mexico until recently but with her new role of Kristin Ortega in a sci-fi show Altered Carbon, Martha Higareda became very popular also in the USA. Higareda’s attractive body measurements got her to cover pages of magazines like Esquire and GQ. Martha wears 34C bra size and her hourglass shaped figure looks simply perfect. Continue reading

Nia Jax

Nia Jax gained a huge popularity as a professional wrestler but she is also a plus size model. Her real name is Savelina Fanene. Nia’s weight is usually reported between 240 and 272 pounds and she wears 38D bra size. Although she can be brutal in the ring, Nia Jax is also able to rock any dress as she proved at the NY Fashion Week. Continue reading


Reality show contestant and model Chandra Davis is also known under her stage names Deelishis and London Charles. She possesses a body with a distinctive hourglass shape. Although a lot from her measurements aee natural, Deelishis also had a help from plastic surgeons. Her impressive 34D bra size is a result of silicone breast implants. She regularly flaunts her curves in daring outfits. Continue reading

Constance Ford

Hollywood icon Constance Ford reached the peak of her popularity in 1950’s when she was in her thirties. Her most famous role is Ada from the TV show Another Day. Her body measurements are a classic hourglass body type with a distinctive waist and feminine curves. Ford wore 34C bra size and dress size 6. Continue reading

Alex Kingston

English actress Alex Kingston is most famous as Doctor Corday from the television show ER but the best opportunity to check closer on her attractive body measurements was in a 1998 movie Croupier where she played one of the main roles, gambler Jani. Kingston wears 36B bra size and her assets are all natural. She doesn’t have breast implants or other type of plastic surgery. Continue reading

Tracee Ellis Ross

Popular actress Tracee Ellis Ross is lately popular thanks to her character of Doctor Johnson on the television series Black-ish. She also posed for several magazine covers, such as Glamour, Essence and W. Ross weighs 147 pounds and is 5’7” tall. Hee attractive curves are a nice example of a hourglass body type. Continue reading

Liza Lapira

Beautiful actress Liza Lapira played for example agent Michelle Lee in a popular crime television series NCIS. And she certainly knows how to rock a mini dress as she proved for example during 2017 CBS summer party. She looked stunning in a pink low cut outfit. Lapira weighs 114 pounds and wears 34A bra size. Continue reading

Meredith Hagner

Blond actress Meredith Hagner gained a lot of new fans with her role of Portia in a sitcom Search Party. This attractive star posed for Maxim photo shoot in several daring outfits that revealed a lot from her measurements. Hagner wears 32C bra size and her hourglass shape body type also looked great in a triangle bikini she wore in Royal Pains. Continue reading