Angel Brinks

Angel Brinks works as a fashion designer but gained most of her fame as a cast member of a reality television show Basketball Wives: LA. She is often posing in her own fashion creations and she definitely has body measurements for the job. Brinks wears 34C bra size and is proud of her prominent buttocks which are giving her figure pear body shape. Her height is 5′ 3″. She doesn’t have implants or other type of surgery. Continue reading

Mary Bruce

Popular reporter Mary Bruce was named a Congressional Correspondent for ABC News back in 2015. She has attractive figure with hourglass shape and is 5’6″ tall. Bruce wears 34C bra size and looks great in almost any dress. But here is some bad news for her male fans: Mary is taken. She married an investment banker Duane Moore whom she dated since 2010. Continue reading

Tiffany Stanley

Glamour model and internet celebrity Tiffany Stanley became even more famous when she shared her experience with harasssment in 2018. You might be surprised that this voluptuous star is actually quite small. Stanley is only 5’2″ tall. She wears 32D bra size and her perfectly firm assets are artwork of some skilled plastic surgeon. Stanley has breast implants. But she doesn’t rely solely on surgery. Tiffany works out regularly in a gym and it definitely shows on her flat toned stomach. Continue reading

Jasmyn Wilkins

Miss Georgia USA 2012 Jasmyn Wilkins possesses a gorgeous figure with hourglass shape. Her measurements brought her also to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2018. As one of the rookies, Wilkins posed in tiny bikini (and sometimes only bikini bottom) for this prestigious magazine. But she had a plenty of lingerie and swimwear modeling experience behind her belt already. She weighs 128 pounds and wears 34C bra size. Continue reading

Raven Lyn

Raven Corneil aka Raven Lyn is a professional fashion and glamour model. In 2018, Raven made it to the pages of prestigious SI Swimsuit Issue and posed for it in several daring bikini outfits. Her attractive slender hourglass body has very eye-catching measurements. Despite having very slim waist, Raven has some gorgeous curves. She weighs 126 pounds and is 5’ 9” tall. Continue reading

Robin Holzken

Dutch supermodel Robin Holzken started her career at the age of 16 and as a 20 years old made it to the pages of prestigious Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She became one of the rookies for 2018. Holzken posses slim banana body shape but her measurements are still nicely rounded and feminine. Robin weighs only 125 pounds and wears 32B bra size. And she apparently has no problem with posing in revealing lingerie and bikini. Continue reading

Chase Carter

Stunning model Chase Carter has a slender figure that looks incredibly hot in bikini. No wonder she became one of the rookies in 2018 SI Swimsuit Issue. Carter’s attractive measurements are giving her body so called banana body shape. Chase wears 32B bra size and weighs 127 pounds. Some of her prominent features? Large sensual lips, flat toned belly, and long blonde hair. On one of her photos for SI, Carter is wearing tiny green bikini top that is barely covering her assets. Continue reading

Kelsi Taylor

Only 19 years old beauty Kelsi Taylor got into media spotlight as a girlfriend of a famous comedian Dane Cook. This aspiring singer looks incredibly stunning in bikini as multiple of her Instagram pictures prove to the public. Slender banana body type and toned flat belly are ideal for minimalist swimwear outfit. She should try career as a swimsuit model. Taylor wears 34B bra size and weighs 120 pounds. Continue reading

Veronika Khomyn

Wider public started being interested in Veronika Khomyn when she visited Maui with her boyfriend, famous American football coach Sean McVay. She wore tiny triangle pink bikini and she rocked it. Khomyn’s stunning hourglass body shape consists of round hips, slim waist, and large natural breasts. She wears 34D bra size and her measurements are natural. Veronika doesn’t have breast implants. This Ukrainian beauty has a pierced navel. Continue reading

Debra Paget

With her snake dance scene in The Indian Tomb movie, Debra Paget enchanted the whole generation of men. Her career peaked in 1950’s when her hourglass body also was at it’s best measurements. She danced in a tiny bikini-like outfit covered in rhinestones. In 1950’s, Paget wore 34C bra size and weighed 113 pounds. With only 5’ and 2”, Debra had a quite petite figure. Continue reading