Elizabeth Pipko

Young fashion model Elizabeth Pipko got into media spotlight in early 2019 as a spokesperson for a “Jexodus” movement, a political group that advocates shift of Jewish voters away from Democratic party and joining the ranks of conservatives. Pipko might be conservative when it comes to politics but her wardrobe is certainly not. She doesn’t hesitate to appear in media in a low-cut dress that accentuates her gorgeous bust. Elizabeth wears a 32DD bra size, quite a rare combination of large cups on a very slender frame. And you want to know the best thing? They are natural, no silicone or other implants. Continue reading

Millie Brady

English actress Millie Brady enchanted many men with her pale skin and amazing body measurements. Her curvaceous figure is a superb example of an hourglass body shape with large natural breasts, slim waist, and round hips. She showed a lot from her beauty at the red carpet of the European Premiere of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword when she wore daring Christian Dior mini dress. Brady weighs 133 pounds and wears a 34D bra size. Continue reading

Caylee Cowan

Young rising star Caylee Cowan gained a lot of fame in 2019 for her big role in a new movie Sunrise in Heaven. She also amassed over 316 thousand followers on her Instagram account and many of them are admiring her curvaceous body measurements, especially her stunning breast size. Cowan wears a 34DD bra size and her assets are all natural. You can see them in bikini as well as low-cut dress, beautiful Caylee is definitely not shy. Continue reading

Jaime King

Popular actress and model Jaime King lately appeared for example in a new zombie series Black Summer. She possesses a tall slim body with banana body type. Probably the best chance to see closely her measurements was in her first movie Happy Campers. Attractive King weighs 118 pounds and wears a 34A bra size. She doesn’t have breast implants. Continue reading

Ava Max

Young singer Ava Max conquered music charts with her single Sweet but Psycho in 2018. In the music video, Ava wears several low-cut outfits that are quite revealing. Her 34DD bra size is actually all natural as Ava doesn’t have breast implants or other type of plastic surgery but only a naturally curvaceous figure which can be described as an hourglass body type. Continue reading

Franka Potente

Hot German actress Franka Potente is thanks to her numerous roles famous also in the US. In the late 1990’s, her career was jumpstarted by getting the main role in Run Lola Run. And her athletic body made her fans wonder what are her measurements. Potente’s slender banana body type looks good in almost any outfit. Franka wears a 36A bra size and weighs 131 pounds. Continue reading

Stephanie Szostak

French actress Stephanie Szostak is known to have a slim and petite figure with model-like body measurements. Her naturally small breasts and hips can be described as a banana body type. Szostak wears a 32A bra size and weighs only 110 pounds. On the red carpet of Iron Man 3 premiere, Stephanie rocked light blue mini dress that nicely highlighted her features. Continue reading

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Canadian actress Emmanuelle Vaugier possesses a stunning body. Some might still remember her perfect measurements from 2006 photo shoot for Maxim magazine. Vaugier wore tiny top and lace pink panties. Emmanuelle weighs 128 pounds and wears a 34C bra size. Her well-proportioned figure has a so called hourglass shape. No wonder she did some occasional modeling gigs. Continue reading

Eve Hewson

Rising star Eve Hewson recently appeared in a movie Robin Hood as Maid Marian where she captured many fans with her slender yet curvaceous body measurements. Hewson wears a 34D bra size and is only 5′ and 1″ tall. Probably best opportunity to check closer on her amazing figure has been her GQ photo shoot for which she posed in dark green satin nightie with white lace trim. Of course this piece of lingerie was low-cut. We can’t wait to see where Eve’s career will lead her next. Continue reading